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Words are but
pictures, of our thoughts

Below you’ll find my musings.  I share these in the hope they’ll open your heart and your mind and inspire you to create the life you dream about, because you deserve a beautiful life, one that sets your Soul on fire…  

Image of butterfly on a pink bloom

Follow your heart, not the crowds

Many years ago, when I first moved away from my hometown, I decided to study Kinesiology. For approximately three and a half years I spent one weekend a month and every Monday, in class. I also studied from home and with other students.

The truth behind people pleasing…

I asked some people to describe someone they thought of as a manipulative person. Interestingly, the response I got was ‘someone who is controlling’.

Mental Health Awareness

‘25 push-ups for 25 days’ An initiative to support people struggling with mental illness by staying active and making it OK to talk about the struggles people are facing.

Blossom with Tracy Manu Life Coach

Helping people shine

I’m helping people shine… I was at an event last week when someone asked me about my background.  “What did you do before you began coaching?” they

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Revitalize Your Life

Ladies are you frazzled and overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list? Are you doubting yourself and wanting to feel more confident Or if you’re

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