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I’m Tracy and I have a feeling you’ve shown up, because you’re either not 100% happy with your life or your curious about how life coaching can support you.  It’s ok, I’ve been there too and I’m here to answer all your questions and help you, fall madly in love with your life.. 

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I'm Tracy,

I’m an indigenous woman from the north of New Zealand, who travelled to Auckland for better opportunities and to escape a life, which no longer served me.

It’s been an eventful ride.  One where I’ve learned so much along the way.  With my life experiences and coach training, I now support and empower people who want to live deeply satisfying lives too.  Because when you think about it, life’s way to short for mediocre and you deserve to be deeply happy and soul-fully fulfilled.

Change is inevitable, yet transformation is a choice. And while curiosity probably brought you here, it will be courage that sees you take the next steps.

And you’re ready for it, aren’t you?
To learn and grow and love your life more…

Whether you’re feeling stuck and desire tools for transformation, or you’re feeling inspired and in search of the support you need for expansion

Why not take the leap now…

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Blossom can be your safe place

When digging deep into your life, it takes a safe haven...


We can work together anywhere

In person or online,
1 to 1 or in a group,
or even in an audience.


The proof is in the pudding

There have been many to sing my praise.

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Thoughts - my blog

It is all about honouring a commitment to yourself

Commit to you

I find it interesting that we can be very consistent when it comes to complaining about our problems, sometimes unaware we’re even doing it. So how about we practice a consistent ritual, which enhances life.

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The festive season is just around the corner. Are you feeling excited or do you feel triggered, out of control and keen to run for the hills! If it’s the latter, I’ve got a few tips which might make this time of year a whole lot better.

Frazzled and Overwhelmed?

Ladies the Revitalize Your Life series is back with new topics and tools, which will support you to create a life you, truly love! Are

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