Women It’s Time To Shine Bright

I see woman time and time again, who dim there beautiful, unique, light.

Many women believe they might be…

Too loud
Too funny
Too beautiful
Too intelligent
Too quiet
Too powerful
Too cocky

or they believe they’re not…

Good enough
Brave enough
Bright enough
Strong enough
Feminine enough

These fearful beliefs are keeping them caged, quiet, stuck, confused and frozen. From this space, they’re goals collect dust and their hearts get a little more heavy each week.

Beneath all of the false beliefs, there is a woman who longs to show up and not care what others think. A woman who yearns to feel incredible in her own skin, to believe she is enough and that she can trust herself. A women who is ready to set herself free and achieve all that her heart desires.

Yes I see these women in my coaching practice each week. I also know this woman intimately, because she used to be me! I never felt good enough, brave enough, bright enough and I didn’t want to shine too bright, hell what would people think!!

The thing is, playing small comes at a cost.

Our relationships, career’s, health and well-being all suffer.

We’re out of integrity, we stop our flow, we’re needy and the results are, happiness, abundance, connection and deep satisfaction are lacking.

I did the work, I broke down the barriers, I connected with my unique self and everything changed, everything.  My life is completely different.  I had amazing experiences in my ‘past’ life, however nothing like now.  Nothing like the depth, joy, love, satisfaction and abundance that I experience now.

How do you think your life would change if you felt more comfortable in your own skin?  Who would you become?  I’m guessing it would be the Authentic You.  The woman that is willing to honor and love herself.  The woman that is not afraid to speak her truth, to show up fully and shine bright.

What would be different if you were shinning bright?  Let us know in the comments below x

Tracy Manu is a life coach, women’s mentor, kundalini yoga teacher and inspirational speaker. She supports and empowers women, to create lives they truly, deeply love.
If you’re ready to experience a deeply satisfying life, learn more about coaching or book your free consult with Tracy.

  • October 2, 2017
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