The Habit That Trips Women Up

After more than seven years coaching, I can say I LOVE women.  Their courage, vulnerability and openness blows me away!

It takes a lot for a woman to pick up the phone or send an email asking for support. It takes even more courage, to agree to meet me and open up about the challenges they’re facing, especially if they’ve never met me before.

For the first six years of coaching women, approximately 20% of my clients felt they had great lives. These women knew that hiring a coach could help them take their lives to a whole new level of joy, satisfaction and success – on their terms.

The other 80% of incredible women, hired me due to the fact they were going through big challenges in their lives. Workplace problems, relationship issues or other situations where they felt they couldn’t deal with it alone.

In the early days, many women kept the fact that they hired a coach a secret. They didn’t want people thinking there was something wrong with them.

There’s often resistance when it comes to hiring a coach, for some it’s the fear of change, the unknown or the uncomfortable conversations they know they need to have.

For others, it’s their light.  They’ve seen glimpses of it and their inner wisdom, authentic power and compassionate, yet strong nature scares them. Let’s face it, a woman who’s standing in her authenticity, is powerful. Not everyone is ready to embody that type of energy and not everyone is comfortable being around it!

Over the last 18 months, things have changed significantly.

Women are busier than ever. It’s fantastic to see them so passionate about their careers. For many though, the striving and hustling to achieve success in their business, comes at a cost. Their health and wellbeing and/or relationships are suffering.

One of the reasons for this, is that they’ve worked diligently on their business, however they’ve forgotten to nurture and grow personally. This unhelpful habit is tripping women up. Past patterning can take hold. Childhood beliefs like ‘I’m alone, I’m unsupported and I’m not good enough, have women thinking they‘ve got to… ‘do everything’ and it’s ‘never good enough.’ These types of beliefs play havoc in business, and overflow into personal lives too.

Thankfully, women are awakening to the fact, that if they want to experience deep satisfaction in all areas of their lives, they can’t continue at this pace. They’re also far more open to hiring a coach now and seeing it as something that is beneficial, both personally and professionally.

For me it’s not about fixing my clients.  It’s about supporting and empowering them to see just how incredible they are. So they treat themselves with kindness and open up to the love, support, creativity and joy that has always been there.

I have so much respect for each and every woman who has reached out for support. To see them embrace their true self, step into their compassionate power and experience deeply satisfying lives, is such a great feeling!



Tracy Manu is a life coach, women’s mentor, kundalini yoga teacher and inspirational speaker. She supports and empowers women, to create lives, they truly, deeply love.
If you’re ready to experience a deeply satisfying life, learn more about coaching or book your free consult with Tracy.

  • June 2, 2017
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