The festive season has the power to bring out the best and the worst in people.  It can be a time of fun, love and laughter or one where family dynamics are triggered and the pressure is on.

Try these simple tips for a stress-free Christmas;

1. Set an intention

How do you want to feel over Christmas?  Calm, happy, relaxed, excited… decide how you want to feel and then check in often.  If your intention is to feel calm, what can you do to feel this way?  Deep breathing, time out, early nights, less alcohol… You’ll know what works.

Remember, others don’t make you feel calm, your perception of the situation does and you have the power in every moment to come back to your intention.

2. Share the responsibility

Whether you’re hosting Christmas day or not, share the responsibility.  Let go a little or step up, depending on what your personality is like.

If you struggle with someone who is lazy, ask him or her in a loving way to help out.  If you’re usually the one who does everything, let go, people aren’t going to notice whether the plates and napkins match.

To get a different result, you have to do things differently, so step outside your comfort zone and make a few tweaks.

3. Respect your finances

At Christmas time, we all want to give people gifts that we think they will love, yet sometimes finances simply don’t stretch that far.  Be honest with yourself.  Look at the ‘why’ behind your purchasing.  Are you ‘guilt shopping’ or worrying about what people will think?

Yes, you may make your family incredibly happy by maxing out your credit card, however are you going to be working long hours or stressed out for the next six months, because you’ve over spent?

Gifts will be forgotten; time spent with loved ones will be remembered forever.

4. Own your s#%t

Is there a family member that pushes your buttons?  Do you find yourself slipping away from the authentic you and turning into the Christmas Grinch over the festive season?

The way you feel, says a lot.  If you’re feeling triggered, go within…

What does this person bring up in you? Do you feel they’re selfish, ungrateful or lazy?

If you answered yes to the above in a neutral manner, you’re probably right, although I’d say in some shape or form, they’re most likely mirroring you.  If you’re fully triggered by this person, then this is an opportunity for you to grow or heal.

What does their behaviour bring up in you?  Journal and see if you can uncover what the real issue is.  When you think you have the answer, ask yourself “What else is this bringing up in me?” Journal some more and ask the same question again and again until you’ve uncovered what’s really going on.  Usually it has nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with you.

By uncovering the issue, you have the power to change your perception and ultimately get a different result.

5. Amp up your Self-Care

When we feel good about ourselves, it is much easier to set boundaries, delegate, own our s%#t, stick to our intention and be kind and loving to others.  Make self-care a priority.  Get enough sleep, hydrate, minimize the alcohol, eat food that’s good for your body, journal, walk in nature and be honest with yourself and others.

Have deep devotion for your happiness and the happiness of your loved one.  You always have a choice – choose love.

Oh and remember gratitude, gratitude always makes everything better x

Do you need extra help to stay calm during the festive season?  Book a free consult and let’s see if coaching can support you.

Have a beautiful festive season x

  • December 20, 2019
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