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Speaking Events

Inspire Awareness. Motivate Change.

There’s something really powerful when a team or group of people come together with the intention to learn.  Often all sorts of emotions are present in the room… anticipation, excitement, fear, resentment… some minds are open and ready to expand while others, let’s say would rather be elsewhere…

As time goes by though, barriers drop away, people begin to understand one another and connections deepen.  ‘Wow, I’m not the only one, I never knew they were going through that, she’s incredible, he’s got my back…’  Inspiration and optimism become electric energies in the room and from here anything is possible.

Inspirational Speaker

Are you running an event and looking for an inspirational speaker who will inspire your audience and light the fire in their belly?  Would you like to ignite a deeper sense of brilliance in your team? Are they in need of some motivation and education to reconnect as a team and feel more fired up?

I speak at events and provide workplace workshops that support teams and individuals to develop a more positive, motivated and healthier mindset, which create a deeper sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and productivity.

Ignite The Leader In You

The Women’s Collective Series

You know you’re a leader. You naturally inspire and motivate others everyday, and you care so much about their happiness and success. You know you’re here for more – and you also know that right now, you’re playing small.

It’s time to step into your purpose and your power. Because your business and your tribe can only grow as much as you do.

Join Natalie Tolhopf from Catapult Your Business- Natalie Tolhopf and Tracy Manu from Blossom – Tracy Manu for an evening of conscious conversations that will ignite your vision and inspire you to lead from the heart.

This event is NOT just another inspiring evening, yes you will get loads of inpiration, however this is an interactive workshop. You will get to put the tools we speak about, into action on the night! You’ll get to ask questions and be supported to step up as an empowered leader in your field.

Together, we will:

• Declare your intentions and ignite your self-belief. No more wallowing in fear or self-doubt.

• Discover how to set audacious goals and adopt the mindset to make them happen.

• Unleash your inner superpowers – Bring your intuition, your passion and your natural flow into your life and business.

• Create personal daily habits and rituals to nourish and support you, and sustain a success state of mind.

• Illuminate your next steps – and start taking imperfect action to make them happen.

It’s your time NOW and you’re ready for the next step.

Your tribe is waiting for you to step up and lead with heart. Join us, and become the leader you were born to be.

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