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Speaking Events

Inspire Awareness. Motivate Change.

There’s something really powerful when a group of people or team come together with the intention to learn.  Often all sorts of emotions are present in the room… anticipation, excitement, fear, resentment… some minds are open and ready to expand while others, let’s say would rather be elsewhere…

As time goes by though, barriers drop away, people begin to understand one another and connections deepen.  ‘Wow, I’m not the only one, I never knew they were going through that, she’s incredible, he’s got my back…’  Inspiration and optimism become electric energies in the room and from here anything is possible.

Inspirational Speaker

Words of wisdom, courage & self-belief

Words influence how we feel, and therefore what we believe we can achieve. They offer opportunities to uplift, inspire, motivate and challenge. They also have the power to transform perception and create connection. As a speaker, it is my intention to share words that ignite a fire in the belly of each of your audience members; to spark an energy in them where there is a sense that anything is possible. 

At points in our lives, each of us encounters moments of magic that become a catalyst for change. It’s my aim to inspire optimism and self-belief so that my talks may become a moment that someone looks back on as a day that sparked a commitment to their own happiness, growth or inner peace.

I speak at events and on panels discussing topics that are relevant to the challenges women are facing today, including developing a deeper sense of happiness, finding peace in their busyness, self-care rituals, mindfulness, self-love, body love, self acceptance, goals, stress release, motivation and nurturing and growing healthy, happy relationships.  

All of these important topics empower women to create a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, which has a ripple effect on society 

If you have an upcoming event and would like a speaker who will inspire, entertain and impart a positive impact on the hearts and minds of your people, I’d love to chat.



Karina BollandI was honoured to have Tracy as my guest speaker in one of Balancing Act’s workshops. It was a real treat for the women to have such an authentic and real speaker. She spoke from the heart and shared her own personal stories to reinforce that self belief is actually the most powerful and valuable practice. Her tools and techniques are simple and relatable. I can’t recommend Tracy enough! We all came out of the workshop feeling like Goddesses! Thank you Tracy!

Karina Salib Bolland, Founder – Balancing Act



Tracy was asked to speak at a media launch for a PR client of mine, her brief was “to ensure that all 40 of the fashion editors and writers in attendance left that launch feeling personally empowered, more self-aware, happy, and engaged in the present moment”. Now, it’s hard to leave an impression on media who attend numerous launch events each week, however – Tracy is something special, and the energy shift in the room as she spoke was palpable. Tracy managed to achieve a “moment of magic”  for everyone in that room. Her very nature is such that guests around the room were leaning forward in their seats, fully engaged in the gems of wisdom Tracy was offering. The feedback we received from media was sensational, a launch event to remember, and a highlight event for all who attended, plus one very, very happy client.

Janelle Rennie, Director – Media JAM