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Coaching Praise

charmaineYou are one of the most genuine life coaches I have ever meet…it really shows everywhere you are – online and in person. You practice what you preach which is so so awesome.

The photos you are using are really sharing with the world who you are. Beautiful, kind and loving life.

Charmaine Marinkovich –


At the end of last year I had decided it was time to move from my existing job. I felt unsure about what direction I wanted to take. What I did know was I was tired and ready for a change. Tracy provided me the tools and guidance to get me focussed on what is really important in a relaxed yet challenging way. I may not have all the answers yet but I am calmer and kinder to myself than I was before. My head is clear and I have Tracy to thank for that. She is a great coach who I would happily recommend and use again.



Working with Tracy is a life-changing experience and one which I would definitely recommend for anybody who really wants to get in touch with what makes their heart sing. Huge personal change is never a simple nor easy process, but with Tracy’s gentle support and her talent for guiding you towards personal breakthroughs, anything is possible if you truly put the effort into it. Tracy was a wonderful sounding board for my many thoughts and ideas. She mirrored back to me the times when my languaging showed a negative focus and helped me to realign what I was expressing with the positive pathway I wanted to follow. She calmly challenged my thinking when she saw that I was limiting my own horizons and reflected other possibilities through skilled questioning. I came a long way in the two years I worked with Tracy and am so glad I took the opportunity when it presented itself to me.



Thank you Tracy for your help, support, advices and positive attitude. I have enjoyed our weekly meeting. I have learnt to see the world differently, in a more positive way, I have learnt to interact with people in a more “authentic” way, I have learnt to be vulnerable and open to the people I love, I have learnt to believe in me, I am capable of so many awesome things, I have learnt to see myself as who I really am. Thank you for teaching me those techniques that I am still applying today. It is a journey I am enjoying and learning to appreciate despite the ups and downs. I really loved your passion & enthusiasm.


Praise from Jackie O'Fee

I can honestly credit this woman with one of the strongest mindset changes I’ve ever experienced. If you want to work on You, if you feel powerless or stuck, she’s the guru. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Jackie O’Fee


It is with great pleasure that I write this. I can not speak highly enough of Tracy and the work she did with me to help me love myself and to really look deep inside to what was going on with me.

I originally signed up with Tracy as a life coach for 3 months…at first I was a little sceptical, laying everything on the table was hard however Tracy made everything feel relaxed and I was at ease.
I had my ups and downs as I addressed things that I had had buried for years.

I felt a real connection to Tracy which made my visits with her something to look forwards to. I ended up seeing Tracy for 6 months and I can honestly say I believe Tracys life coaching helped save my marriage, I now look at things differently, speak with love and authentically.
I feel so much more present and this has helped every relationship I have.

Tracy was there for me when I had melt downs, she gave me tools to get through situations that would have otherwise thrown me into turmoil.

With Tracys guidance and the tools I have learnt from her, have given me a life that I now love and I can truly say I love myself.
I am taking on a career that I would never thought possible and this was encouraged by Tracy, this was actually like the next step… What am I going to do now?

I have so much to thank Tracy for and I would recommend her, she has a caring yet honest nature that helped me really look at myself instead of pointing the finger at other people.

Tracy helped me turn my life around, for that I am truly thankful.


I had the great pleasure of working with Tracy Manu when I decided to complete a 3 month life coaching course with her. Tracy was recommended to me by a friend and I will always be forever thankful for the opportunity to meet her. During the duration of our sessions together, I was impressed with Tracy’s knowledge, passion and dedication to helping me uncover exactly how I could fall in love with my life. Tracy helped me through what was an extremely difficult time for me, and gave me tools that I’ve been able to continue to use to make a positive difference in my life since our sessions together finished. Tracy helped me discover all the wonderful things about myself (in the past I would have never said I was wonderful!), and taught me how to love myself for who I am. Tracy really is an inspiration and I know my life is so much better from being able to work with her.

Brooke Riley

Working with Tracy was one of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself, she has changed my life! Well that’s not entirely true, Tracy has completely changed my perception of it. She promised me she’d make me “fall madly in love with my life” – and on that promise she more than delivered. Tracy’s coaching helped me work through some of the long standing, self-imposed perceptions, rules and personal blockages that I was aware of, but didn’t have the necessary tools to overcome and let go of so that I could move forward. I now have these tools at my disposal to ensure I am living in the present moment, am more aware of life’s blessing around me every day, and I put on my rose tinted glasses on every single morning!

Janelle Rennie, Director – Media JAM

I’d heard for years and years that you “couldn’t love others until you first loved yourself”. I’d always found it so “cliché” – yeah yeah, love myself ok… I always thought I understood what it meant, what that REALLY meant… but it wasn’t until last year that I really “got it”.

I’d been through many things in my life including devastating heartbreak from relationships and the loss of my 2 year old niece. I’d studied spirituality for years, but last year I really “got” the self love thing. The so called clichés are so accurate it’s scary. You really DO have to be your own best friend.

I employed the perfect Life Coach for me last year in Tracy Manu from Blossom. I was put onto her by her brother who I knew, who had noticed posts and pictures that I put up on Facebook, that were in a similar vain to what Tracy promotes and he suggested I contact her. The decision to find a Life Coach was simply to help me with sorting out my crazy busy life!… but I got so much more. So much more came up for me. It’s amazing the things you find deep down in your heart when you’re just tidying up!.

Tracy was the perfect coach for me. She was so kind and warm and I trusted her immediately with things incredibly personal to me. She was so gentle with me which I needed at the time, but she had a very clever way of challenging me at the same time, which I also needed in order to face some things. She was always my cheerleader and totally believed in me. Tracy really pinpointed the importance of self-love with me, and how everything always stems back to it in some way.

I’d recently seen a film that showed mirror work as a great tool and she took me through this process and made me aware time and time again that the challenges I was facing would settle down if only I cared for myself more. Now when I’m faced with any kind of fear I hear her voice. I speak gently to myself with support and encouragement as if I were an angel standing by my side and I am never lonely. Self love is VITAL… Self love is THE single most important love you will ever need in your life. It is from this love where things will all fall into place for you, when you thought they never would. It is transformational and it is life changing. Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and instead of the judgement about the new wrinkle or bad hair, look at yourself with love and speak to yourself with kindness. I never knew how fast I could get results to feel better, to feel happy and rejuvinated until I started mirror work. I never thought it would work but I PROMISE you it does!

One of my biggest goals when I met Tracy was to fulfill my life long dream of living in Paris, France. I met Tracy in February 2012 and on the 30th of August 2013, I moved to Paris. I am now living my dream and I have never been happier!!

Tracy Manu is spectacular. She is so full of love, support, encouragement and truth. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She has helped to transform my life and I’ve truly found “the greatest love of all”.

Lou L

Speaking Praise


Tracy was asked to speak at a media launch for a PR client of mine, her brief was “to ensure that all 40 of the fashion editors and writers in attendance left that launch feeling personally empowered, more self-aware, happy, and engaged in the present moment”. Now, it’s hard to leave an impression on media who attend numerous launch events each week, however – Tracy is something special, and the energy shift in the room as she spoke was palpable. Tracy managed to achieve a “moment of magic”  for everyone in that room. Her very nature is such that guests around the room were leaning forward in their seats, fully engaged in the gems of wisdom Tracy was offering. The feedback we received from media was sensational, a launch event to remember, and a highlight event for all who attended, plus one very, very happy client.

Janelle Rennie, Director – Media JAM

Workplace Workshops:

Tracy was the fresh, bright, inspiring speaker we spent the day with, who gave the team new ways of looking at ourselves. The new lens focused on beliefs which impact on our lives and the way we work with each other.

Looking at the five languages of love also brought understanding of ourselves and the children we work with. Creating a vision statement for staff gave us daily food for thought and the vision board is up in our staffroom.

We look forward to having Tracy back with us in the near future to share the positive outcomes in our centre.

Julie – Supervisor, Family Link

Our team building Teacher only day with Tracy Manu was awesome. It has given me tools for my workplace and home to not let stuff drag me down too much and feel more confident and positive about myself and what I do. It’s good to recognize all the things that you do, rather than looking at what you don’t do, you can only do your best.

Marga – Administrator, Family Link

Tracy was very inspirational, making us look at ourselves and others in a different light. Valuable information on how to communicate as a team. I learnt how positive statements lead to positive attitudes, life experiences and working environments. I highly recommend Tracy as a facilitator and motivational speaker at your next event.

Glenda – Teacher

This was a very valuable day for the team building and helping us all to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles. It helped me look at my own background and explain why I reacted the way I did in different situations. I recognised the negative messages I was giving myself that were not relevant anymore and how to change them to more constructive, positive ones. It reminded me to live and enjoy the present moment, not to dwell in the past or be thinking about the future.

Yvonne – Teacher

This course was very inspirational and helpful when learning about other people’s personalities. It brought us together as a team that day making work relationships better with more open communication lines between each other. I would love to have more motivational sessions with Tracy, it was a really awesome day.

Jayne – Teacher

This course was very helpful for me personally and at work. Learning to be positive about work and myself and learning more about my work colleagues was also beneficial as it gave me more of an understanding of their personalities. I would love to spend more time with Tracy to go into this more. I will be recommending her to others.

Jenny – Teacher

The team building course we did with Tracy Manu was excellent. Before the course I was finding work quite stressful, but was unsure how to fix my situation. Tracy was very helpful because she pinpointed exactly where I was going wrong and gave me the steps to fix my problem. I now have more of an understanding of how a team can work better together. I would recommend this course for all work places.

Esther Childcare Aide

I found the course to be very uplifting and positive, it gave us information for different situations that benefit ourselves and personally myself and it helped working with the children in the centre also, it also brought us much closer together to work as a team and also to get to understand each other more. Excellent tools, strategies and information, I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.

Adele Teacher

I got so much out of meeting Tracy, what a wonderful human being, I learnt how to:-

1) Love things about myself

2) Speak up and stand tall

3) To focus on what I want and not what I don’t want, and not to be afraid! short and simple

Life’s great, thank you Tracy for sharing your life’s journey, there are many people out there that could do with your help and direction to get back on the path of the power of positive thinking. God Bless You xxx

Edele – Teacher

Affirmation: I learned it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Tracy is a very inspirational person who provided us with a very valuable professional development day.

Her own life experiences compliment the tools and strategies she teaches, as well as her knowledge and experience in teaching people how to communicate effectively.

Tracy is a beautiful person with a positive calm demeanour who relates well with people.

Personally this day motivated me to make changes in my personal and professional life, building self-esteem and a positive attitude towards living life to its fullest.

Our work environment has also been positively affected where communication is more effective and our team is more positive, motivated, creating a healthier work environment.

Sarah – Teacher

Flourish Event:

The favourite part of the Flourish workshop was being and sharing with a group of amazing women and seeing you.

There were so many great aspects to this whole workshop Tracy. I loved it all. At no point did I feel I’d had enough, I was in the moment. I wanted more.

I loved the burning of fears ceremony and I thought everyone was so lovely with each other going through that.

The food was great too, the venue was beautiful. There is something very therapeutic about being amongst nature, nestled in the bush, the peace, the rain and the sun, even the donkeys ~ Wendy
I love meeting people, so it was pretty amazing to see a room full of strangers being so supportive and awesome to one another so quickly. Also the calmness I feel now is really amazing. Im not thinking too much about the “results” cause I can feel them


I found the visualisations very powerful, I also didn’t realise how many big fears I had, burning them was very cathartic.

I’ve learned I want to spend more time in the present and that when I do, I feel calmer, I get jobs done, I enjoy my life more because I’m loving the moment as it is not how I thought it would be or was supposed to be. I’ve also leaned my life looks very different when it is not controlled by fear and I’m excited about life

The favourite part of the workshop for me, was the sharing from the fantastic women in the group and hearing stories I could relate to which made me feel better about myself.
I learned the key is to love yourself, be gentle to yourself which has an effect on all areas of your life

This seminar was very inspiring and really made me think I can be a lot more than what I am being right now. I learned that I need to first learn to love myself


I really liked thinking and digging deep inside. The reminder of the things I do know, which came from the content and seeing the belief in you makes it real for us ~ Aimee

I liked the valuable info and tools. Being able to take notes and talking about our experiences and getting tips


I liked the gentle, yet confident way the seminar was presented


Relaxed atmosphere, nil judgement, positive facilitator who is achieving her goals


What I learned was ‘real’ it all feels easily do-able and I can make small changes to the way I think, to bring myself the things I want from my life. I had several key realizations that will stimulate my actions into achieving my goals