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Doing what’s right for your soul

With a helping hand from science

“Each of us is unique, there is not a single person on the planet that is the same. We all eat, move, think, play, work, live and love differently. When we can understand how unique we are and what is right for us then we can move towards our intended space and place of health and happiness.“  

– Matt Rieman, Founder of ph360


Each of us has our own unique narrative, and our own unique way of experiencing the world. Even the very make up of our DNA interacts with our environments and influences the way we live, learn and contribute to our communities.


Which is why I ask that all my clients undertake PH360 testing. PH360 is a scientifically proven approach that collects data from our body to gain insights into your health status, and your ‘zone of genius’. It uses anthropometry (your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle to create what is called a phenotypical profile.


While this information can help you better understand what your body needs from a health, nutrition and exercise perspective, it also offers insight into how you do your best learning and communicating,  when you do your best work and how your brain works socially and emotionally. With this knowledge, I can ensure that the tools and methods I give you are going to best serve your needs, so together we can achieve the best results for you.


It also means you can trust that your coaching program is specifically tailored to you. You’ll gain access to the PH360 app – free for a year – which you can use to optimise your health, support your well-being and stay on track towards your goals.


I’m excited to be one of very few life coaches offering this revolutionary approach that will truly give us both the insight to help you achieve your dreams!


Learn more about how my coaching options can support you to live a deeply meaningful life.