Nourishing Our Happiness and Success…

I’ve been witnessing behaviours in my clients and myself lately where we sabotage our happiness and success, continuing patterns that trip us up and cause us to make decisions that simply aren’t supporting our lives.

What are the default behaviours or patterns that you slip into which hold you back?

You may like to think about the goals you set earlier in the year; are they becoming your reality?  If not, what behaviours are sabotaging your achievements?

What about your communication?  Do certain conversations have you reacting rather than responding?

Do your patterns appear when it comes to saving money, taking time out, asking for what you want, getting intimate with your lover or eating what’s good for your body?

Wherever you feel like you’re bumping up against resistance, is where the behaviours play out. It’s time to get really truthful with yourself and own the part you play.  This is honoring and loving you.

Over the coming week, observe where you react and where you respond to life.  With this awareness, set an intention that you’re going to release these limiting behaviours.

Remember “intention has no power if you don’t take action”.

  • Make a list of the patterns and behaviours that sabotage your success.
  • Make an oath to yourself; decide from this moment, you’re going to choose to show up differently.
  • Create a releasing ceremony; burn your ‘sabotaging’ list, while saying “thank you, I now release you“, then choose a crystal (or something else that means a lot to you) which you can carry in your pocket to remind you to stay true to you.
  • Honour and love yourself; say what you mean, respond rather than react, take actions that bring you what you truly desire.  As you love and honour yourself, it will become much easier to choose more rewarding steps.
  • Celebrate the changes you make; acknowledge the little steps, the big leaps and ever the fear you feel as you step out more fully.


What behaviour are you committed to letting go of?


Tracy Manu is a life coach, women’s mentor, kundalini yoga teacher and inspirational speaker. She supports and empowers women, to create lives, they truly, deeply love.
If you’re ready to experience a deeply satisfying life, learn more about coaching or book your free consult with Tracy.

  • September 26, 2017
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