New Year Inspiration

Happy New Year. I hope the year has begun well for you.

I wanted to zip through my latest musings; which is a little awareness I had over the last couple of days, just in case it sparks something in you.

If you read my latest newsletter, you may remember that I had created a theme for 2016 which was ‘do what you love.’ My plan was to literally follow my heart. If it felt good, keep doing it. If it didn’t, I would let go and move on.

When I began to explore my theme more, I realized that ‘freedom’ played an integral part in doing what I love, which I came to understand more on the first day of the new year.

On New Years Eve when the clock struck 12, I tuned into how I wanted to feel and imagined the coming year. I sent my intentions and wishes out to the Universe. I hugged Andy and excitedly asked him “what do you want this year hun?” He replied, “I don’t know.” I asked the same question in a different way and when he still didn’t know, I simply said, “have a think about it and let me know”

When I woke in the morning excited to learn about Andy’s intentions, I quickly asked if he’d thought about the coming year. He had also only just woken and still hadn’t thought about what he wanted. Which is understandable really, it’s pretty hard to conjure up plans for the coming year when you’re asleep!

I felt a little disappointed at the fact that he wasn’t as excited about stating his intentions as I was. Then in the quiet space between my internal moaning and trying to be patient, my intuition once again nudged me with one simple word, FREEDOM.

I understood the message very clearly… If I want more freedom to do what I love, to speak my truth and to follow my heart, I also need to respect other people’s freedom and allow them to speak their truth… in their own time, come to their own realizations and follow their hearts too.

Andy’s truth at the time was, ‘I don’t know.’ He wasn’t ready to share his hopes and dreams and it’s not my job to make him.

That’s when I realized that the whole ‘doing what I love’ and ‘freedom’ was far bigger than I’d first realized. It wasn’t only about me embracing these exciting new themes, it’s also about having respect and allowing others the freedom to be themselves and do what they love too.

It’s early afternoon here and I’ve already had to remind myself about ‘freedom for others.’ I can see this is going to be an eye and heart opening experience. It seems my theme has a life of it’s own.

I’ll keep you posted…

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Wishing you the most amazing year

Sending love and gratitude,

Tracy x

  • January 2, 2016
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