Learn to attract the life you want…

Would you love to learn how to attract the life you want?  What if all the barriers you’ve built up fell away?

If language like, I can’t, I’m not sure how, what would people think, it’s not in my budget, I’ve been hurt before, all disappeared and you had the opportunity to do and be what your heart most desired?

How different would you feel? How different would your life look?

How would you feel about you, your career and your relationships?

What would you do, that you’ve held back from, because you’ve constructed walls around your dream?

Lately I’ve revisited Ester and Jerry Hicks’ wisdom and was reminded that each of us has the key to everything we’re wishing for. We’re simply out of alignment when life isn’t the way we’d like it to be.

Out of alignment is when we talk about what we don’t want rather than what we do; we think about what’s not working rather than what is or we choose to see the glass half empty, rather than half full. Our focus is actually on the opposite of what we desire.

In alignment is the opposite, life flows, opportunities come our way, we focus on what we love about life and we’re truly grateful for all the opportunities… even the opportunities that challenge us, because we look for the lesson, so we can grow or let go or heal.

Imagine for a moment that you have a magnetic energy field around you and this field has a frequency. Everything that is on the same frequency is magnetized towards us; everything else drifts by and connects to something vibrating at the same frequency.

Think about it, for just a moment. Imagine what your energy field would look like if you moaned, complained and focused on how crappy your life was.

Now imagine if you focus on being grateful and compassionate, helpful and positive. You are going to look and feel a whole lot different.

So, if you wish to experience a life you truly, deeply love, become a magnet to that which you desire. If you want a happy relationship, stop trying so hard and simply become what a happy relationship looks like. Speak compassionately, let go of grudges and make time to laugh and make love. You may like to learn your partners love languages so you can connect more deeply, or start a hobby together.

If you wish to work in an environment that you enjoy, begin making it an enjoyable place. Stop focusing on what’s not working and start giving thanks. Plant positive seeds and be known as the colleague who uplifts everyone.

Every day for 21 days begin focusing on the positive. Be kind to your colleagues, even the ones that annoy the heck out of you and watch what unfolds. You could do this challenge in regards to your relationship, finances, friendships, health – actually absolutely any area of your life!

Change always begins within, whether it’s a change of mindset, a different perspective or another direction, it can even be accepting where you are right now. It all starts with you.

No one else can make you happy, that is a choice that you make in every moment of every day. Each time you choose to be grateful, happy, content, forgiving, compassionate or hilarious, you raise your vibration and begin attracting experiences and feelings that vibrate on that level too.

So, how about making a commitment below. Who will you become, to attract the type of life you’ll truly love?


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  • February 27, 2016
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