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Blossom Goodies

Enjoy these beautiful Blossom Products, which will help you to continually fall more in love with your life.

Fall Madly in love with your life ebook.

blossom-ebook-thumbWithin the pages of this ebook you will find key ingredients that will support you to fall more in love with your life.

I’ve filled this book with tips and tools that have supported myself and my clients, to live a more authentic, enjoyable and satisfying life.





2017 Calendar Download

12 months of guided mindfulness and inspiration, to help you fall more in love with your year.

Each month you’ll focus on a specific topic that will support you to achieve your goals and live a deeply, satisfying life.

You can download your e-version here.


2017 Calendar Printed version


If you’d prefer, we can do the work for you, by zipping your gorgeous calendar in the post. This version is super special!
Your printed version comes on card, with the months printed in gold and packaged beautifully, this will make a gorgeous gift for yourself or someone special and will beautify any room.

NZ$65 +NZ$7 postage

Audio Visualisations:

Each of the audios have been created using Ancient Miracle sound frequencies, which have been proven to help heal the body on many levels.

Rise and Shine

Enjoy being guided on a visualisation which allows your mind and body to gently awaken and your heart and soul to decide how you’d love your day to unfold.

With the sound frequencies for transformation and miracles, you’ll start your day in a beautiful way.


Relax and Unwind

Be guided through a visualisation which allows your mind and body to let go and rest peacefully.

With healing tones of love, this frequency is said to assist in DNA repair.