Be Brave And Ask For What You Want…

I have a feeling you know what you want, you’re simply not asking for it.

Let me share a couple of examples:

  • You’re having a massage and you’re squirming from the pain, but don’t speak up;
  • You’re making love with your partner, but are afraid to ask for what you truly want;
  • You’re cooking, cleaning and feeding the baby, while your family chill out on the couch with their devices. You could do with a hand, but struggle to ask for help; or
  • Does this pattern show up at work; where you don’t charge what you’re worth, or you say yes to extra work when you’re already overloaded?

There are so many situations where we simply don’t ask for what we want, or we ask and then receive a second rate version, so we put up with what we’re given and sell ourselves short.

What do you really want that you’re simply not receiving right now? Do you want more foreplay, more money, quality time, help with the housework or is there something else?

Asking for what I want has always been linked to a fear of rejection – what if they say no, what if they don’t like me, what if I create conflict? Those who know me well know that I’m a peacekeeper and I go with the flow. But, am I actually being a peacekeeper and going with the flow when I’m not asking for what I want? NO! There is no peace in my mind, there is inner conflict and I’m not going with the flow of what I truly desire.

A great example is while I’m getting a massage, the massage therapist would be massaging me too hard and I’d be thinking in my mind, “That hurts. I should tell her. I’ll wait for her to ask.” Then she’d ask and I’d say “I’m fine!” Half of the massage was spent in my head rather than allowing myself to relax and enjoy my massage.

Do you get the gist? Are you keeping quiet and not asking for what you truly want? Do you know what you truly want? Are you willing to allow yourself to receive what you want?

This month, I encourage you to ask for EXACTLY what you want and then allow yourself to receive.

Giving and receiving go hand in hand. However, most of us find it really easy to give and much harder to receive. It’s time to find some balance by giving and receiving gracefully.

  1. Take time to write down what you want in your life.
  2. Begin to ask the people around you for their support.
  3. Allow yourself to receive.

Asking and receiving can be uncomfortable at first, however, the more we do it, the more we love and honour ourselves; two very important steps to creating a deeply satisfying life.

Commit to yourself. Tell us below, what is one thing you want?

Tracy Manu is a life coach, women’s mentor, kundalini yoga teacher and inspirational speaker. She supports and empowers women, to create lives, they truly, deeply love.
If you’re ready to experience a deeply satisfying life, learn more about coaching or book your free consult with Tracy.


  • August 6, 2017
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