A Love Letter to my body…

A few weeks ago I wrote a love letter to my body, it was tough, rewarding, eye opening and healing. It had me in tears, heart aching, body trembling and feeling deep shame for how I’d treated her.  It seems my body has always been there for me, however I haven’t always been there for my body.

As I wrote and then read my love letter out loud, with tears streaming down my face, something began to shift within me.  Over the next few days I felt inspired and full of admiration for my body.  I came to realise just how incredible my body is and how powerful this ritual can be.

Here is my tribute to my body…

“Hello beautiful body, first things first, thank you so much for sticking with me from the beginning.

Secondly I want to say, I’m so sorry… I’m sorry that I haven’t treated you better.

When you had eczema I felt so ugly, I’d look at my sisters beautiful skin and wonder ‘why I didn’t have beautiful skin like them?’ I based my confidence on you and so I wasn’t very confident at all. When you had asthma attacks I was so scared, you struggled to do a basic thing like breathing and I didn’t appreciate how hard you worked.

I’m blown away by your strength, with hands that cracked and bled in winter and trips to the doctors struggling to breathe, you simply gave more and more.

I love that you support my fiery competitive streak, where we enjoyed competitive swimming, netball and running – short and long distance, oh how I loved you, when we crossed the finish line first 🙂

You communicated with me through hives, itches, infections and so many other reactions and I didn’t listen, sometimes I still don’t. That is now changing.

I’m sorry for the substances I gave you, the men I let inside you and the abuse others rained on you. Thank you for the way you healed after all of this emotional, mental and physical abuse

You are truly incredible, the strength you had to endure my constant criticising over the years and to still continue to love me unconditionally, is truly inspiring.

Thank you for the way you heal, whether it’s a scratch or a deep wound, you continue to come back to your natural state of health and wellbeing… I’m in awe.

Thank you so much for giving birth naturally to my 3 beautiful children, oh my goodness, you nourished them while they grew inside you and continued to, when each of them were born. You are truly incredible.

I’m deeply grateful for you. I love your eyes and the way they’re willing to see the good in people and your laugh lines 🙂 I love the way your ears listen so deeply, your voice and the truth you speak and your soft and beautiful skin. I love your delicate fingers and the fact we can still kick ass on the netball court. I love your lungs and the way they now breathe freely. I love the way your hips are more flexible and the desire and pleasure you give me. I love your mummy tummy, your bootylicious bum, your petite boobs, your arms and legs. I love all of you!!

I love you dearly and I promise to honor you, I promise to give you lots of healthy food, water, positive self talk, compassionate thoughts, use natural products on you and I promise to listen to you and honor your wisdom.

I promise to do what makes you feel happy, like yoga, netball, stretching and walks in nature and lots of hugs from hubby, family and friends. I also promise to have clear boundaries and only say yes to what truly honors you. Oh and we’ll have more adventures together!

Lastly, thank you for being the temple which I get to live in. I love you so deeply, I adore you, I respect you, thank you xx”

Give it a go loves, it’s a truly healing ritual x

Tell us below, what is one thing you’d say to your body?


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  • April 20, 2017
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