A Gentle Reminder…

This is a gentle reminder…

Your history does not define you.

Neither do the words that others have said about you.

Your home does not define you and neither does your car.

Your job does not make you better or worse than anyone else.

You are not broken, unlovable or needing to be fixed.

You are not lost, alone or worthless.

You think the stories you tell yourself are your truth and that what happened to you as a child has made you who you are.

You are mistaken.

You are pure energy… pure love…

Your history does not define you and neither do the stories you tell yourself.

You are heart… and Soul…

You were perfect, whole and complete when you were born.

And you are still perfect, whole and complete.

Let go of the stories. Let go of the names. Let go of your identity.

Connect with your breath. Connect with your heartbeat. Connect with the divine energy that flows within you.

This is who you are… This is who everyone is… We are one…

Connect with yourself, feel the beat of your heart and you will connect with the pure energy of the Universe.

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  • February 27, 2016
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